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5 actions for issuing new company shares

If you have a limited company and you have decided to bring new directors or investors on board (ie new shareholders) you will most likely offer them new shares of the business.

When businesses are expanding they may look to raise finance is by issuing new shares, but how do you know if you can do this, and what do you need to do?

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A strong advisory board can be a strong base from which to grow your company faster

6 tips for creating a business Advisory Board

So – you are a director that understands what an advisory board is, and you have made the decision to create one.

What next?

Before then however you are probably seeking some practical advice on how exactly you go about creating one. Here we lay out 6 quick steps to creating an advisory board to get you started…

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Cyber breaches can damage business reputation significantly

What is a cyber breach and how does my Board need to deal with it?

A cyber breach (or data breach) can be a considerable risk to your business. Sometimes businesses may not be aware that they have had a breach or that it is already impacting their clients.

Learning how to identify, plan for and deal with a cyber attack is important for protecting your business, here we share some top tips to help you manage the process…

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Everyone has a Story but can they all be a Company Director?

Who can be a company director?

When starting a company and registering as a limited company at Companies House in the UK, every business must have one Director and one Shareholder, which is in most cases the founder/owner and can often initially be one and the same person.

As businesses grow, and gain second, third directors, a board of directors is formed. Most people can hold a director position, however there are a few cases in which you may not, which we cover below.

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Tips to help you manage your advisory board

How do I manage an Advisory Board?

As a company director there are several reasons why you may want to appoint an advisory board; many businesses do so to help them with strategic direction. If you run a business, and you have appointed a board, the next step is to ensure you manage it well.

In this blog we share some top tips on how to manage your advisory board.

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