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7 things you should know about Director’s loans

If you have a limited company, a director’s loan is something that might crop up – either you as a director may wish to loan money to the company, or you could borrow from the company.

Either way it is important to know what it is, how you should process it and what guidelines you should follow. Here we cover 7 things to know about Director’s loans…


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Business people transferring shares. Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

7 things to do when transferring shares

When a new shareholder is appointed to a company it is common for them to receive shares by way of a transfer. Although transfers in private companies are rarer, there are a number of events in which they may occur, such as transferring to family members, or when the company structure changes.

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5 actions for issuing new company shares

If you have a limited company and you have decided to bring new directors or investors on board (ie new shareholders) you will most likely offer them new shares of the business.

When businesses are expanding they may look to raise finance is by issuing new shares, but how do you know if you can do this, and what do you need to do?

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6 things to do when appointing a new director

If you have a limited company, you will know that it cannot be formed without both a director and a shareholder. However, once you have started business and you have got to the point of appointing subsequent new director(s), what do you need to do? 

As with anything regarding company information it is important to ensure you file the details correctly, but there are other things you may want to consider. 

Here we cover six things you should do when appointing a new director…

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Cyber breaches can damage business reputation significantly

What is a cyber breach and how does my Board need to deal with it?

A cyber breach (or data breach) can be a considerable risk to your business. Sometimes businesses may not be aware that they have had a breach or that it is already impacting their clients.

Learning how to identify, plan for and deal with a cyber attack is important for protecting your business, here we share some top tips to help you manage the process…

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Tips to help you manage your advisory board

How do I manage an Advisory Board?

As a company director there are several reasons why you may want to appoint an advisory board; many businesses do so to help them with strategic direction. If you run a business, and you have appointed a board, the next step is to ensure you manage it well.

In this blog we share some top tips on how to manage your advisory board.

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A strong advisory board can be a strong base from which to grow your company faster

6 tips for creating a business Advisory Board

So – you are a director that understands what an advisory board is, and you have made the decision to create one.

What next?

Before then however you are probably seeking some practical advice on how exactly you go about creating one. Here we lay out 6 quick steps to creating an advisory board to get you started…

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How to run effective board meetings

A board of directors is there to keep your company on track, and protect the interests of the company shareholders. It is not their job to run the company, that’s the responsibility of the CEO or Director and their team, however it is their job to ensure the company is delivering on what is has set out to achieve.

The Institute of Directors’ (in their factsheet on effective board meetings - see the links at the bottom of this article) perhaps sum it up best as they comment,

“Successful companies use board meetings to create and improve key business strategies”

How you run your meetings has a big impact on your business’s success. We set out a few suggestions for best practice below…

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what is an ideal non-executive director?

10 qualities for an ideal Non-Executive Director (NED)

A Non-Executive director (NED - or sometimes called a NXD), is a member of the board of directors of a company or organisation, but not a member of the executive management team.

A NED is therefore not part of the day to day management of a business, however as a NED you are responsible as part of the board for the success of the company (why not read 'How to run effective board meetings' next?). Here we set out ten qualities that are sought from an ideal Non-Executive Director that will help make this happen…

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