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How to write board minutes purposely

How should board minutes be written - purpose and style

Writing minutes of a board meeting is a necessary part of making sure your board of directors is run efficiently and successfully.

There are not many legal guidelines on the contents of your minutes, although there are some common and best practices which you can read about here.

There are sometimes questions around the purpose and style of board minutes, which we cover below…

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What should board minutes contain?

What should board minutes contain?

Part of running a successful board is minuting the meeting well. This is important so that when minutes are shared after the meeting everyone knows what their expected next steps will be and who is responsible for which actions.

Let's face it, board minutes may not always be exciting, but there are some things you should make sure you include in them, which we have shared with you below…

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Get more done in board meetings image

How to run effective board meetings

A board of directors is there to keep your company on track, and protect the interests of the company shareholders. It is not their job to run the company, that’s the responsibility of the CEO or Director and their team, however it is their job to ensure the company is delivering on what is has set out to achieve.

The Institute of Directors’ (in their factsheet on effective board meetings - see the links at the bottom of this article) perhaps sum it up best as they comment,

“Successful companies use board meetings to create and improve key business strategies”

How you run your meetings has a big impact on your business’s success. We set out a few suggestions for best practice below…

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Cyber breaches can damage business reputation significantly

What is a cyber breach and how does my Board need to deal with it?

A cyber breach (or data breach) can be a considerable risk to your business. Sometimes businesses may not be aware that they have had a breach or that it is already impacting their clients.

Learning how to identify, plan for and deal with a cyber attack is important for protecting your business, here we share some top tips to help you manage the process…

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